Guide to report on and develop the public benefit


In order to facilitate social workers' cooperatives to develop and present public benefit SKOOPI has produced a handbook. Visorek is a method which contributes to a common process in the case where the cooperative, practices and activities developed. The method is divided into six stages and can be successfully follow the fiscal year and made several times. The handbook has been developed within the project Social audit with funds from the General Inheritance Fund.

Visorek can be ordered from SKOOPI on email The handbook costs 150 SEK / each plus shipping.

Social accounting in a different way

Cooperative INUTI2 is within SKOOPI:s project VISOREK arbetat med social redovisning. They were eager to present their findings in an artistic manner, and they call it the Well-being & The Community Guide. The cooperative has worked with a simplified method of Toolkit for social accounting and Anna-Carin Persson. The various elements of the model is the foundation, Inward, Outwardly and forwardly. Each chapter of the book is illustrated with words and pictures. Well-being & The Community Guide can be ordered via and INUTI2.

Social audit – A method of growing


Social accounting, among other things, to highlight the business strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. It is a method and a process for evaluating the activities.

In Social Accounting — a way to grow, we get, among others, meet Michael Wernersson from Hand Paper Rock, which is a social workers' cooperatives in Gothenburg, and Therese Gustafsson Admission Host in Lulea, also a social work cooperatives. They talk about how their social work co-worked with social accounting and how they perceive the process.

Guides us through the film makes Anette Dünkelberg from Coompanion.